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Graphics and Multimedia

At a Glance
eTranslate provides Multilingual Desktop and Web Publishing services to meet all of your company’s multilingual desktop publishing needs including formatting and graphic design services for books, user’s manuals, promotional collateral, online documentation, training materials, Web sites. We offer organisations a new way to accelerate global delivery of multi-language products and gain a competitive edge over their competition.

eTranslate multilingual staff skilled in desktop and Web publishing will deliver services to give a cutting edge in your multilingual presentations. Our creative designers will review your branding and business objective and deliver a culturally attuned presentations. These includes

  • Business document, brochures, business cards and marketing materials
  • Personal Documents and Certificates
  • Information and promotional material
  • Medical, legal, technical and patent documents and contracts
  • Tape transcripts of recorded interviews
  • Camera-ready finished art and signage
  • Desktop publishing and design service
  • Translation of advertisements and websites
  • Labels for packaging and import/export material
  • Checking and editing facility of foreign language material
  • Proof reading of written documents
We also offer in print management using our in house printing company. These enables us to deliver cost effective packages that combine publishing and printing.

    • International Design Review
    • Formatting and layout of target language versions
    • Graphic localization including all legends
    • Table of Contents and Index generation
    • Client specified output ranging from PDF to printed materials
    • High quality, properly formatted material
    • Protects and preserves source code and mark-up language
    • Consistent use of translated terminology across publications
    • Cost-effective new releases through translation database leveraging
    • Efficient and timely project management
Desktop Publishing Tools
eTranslate has expertise in most commercially available desktop publishing applications (PC and Mac) including English and Foreign Language Versions of FrameMaker, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, MS Office Suite, Lotus Smart Suite, Interleaf, PhotoShop, and Illustrator

In employing our services, our client enjoys many benefits including
    • Shortened multi-language publishing times
    • Simultaneous release of multi-language material
    • Improved customer acceptance of international versions
    • Enterprise wide cost savings
    • Easily managed and organized enterprise-wide DTP projects

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